How Often Do You Change Your Furnace Filter? You Might Want To Read This

The temperature starts to drip high and low. And, it’s about time for you to rely more on furnaces for a more comfortable temperature at home. This is best for the upcoming winter and cold months.  Just like the summer season, winter is the time when the furnace system works hard. The air is moved through the home’s duct. Since most of the people spend time indoors during the winter season, you need to work hard to have the best furnace system. This can help make you feel better, safer and healthier at all times.

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It is essential to change your furnace filter regularly. This may keep the air inside your home safe and clean. How often will you have to change the furnace filter?  The answer will depend on the kind of filters you use and all other lifestyle factors.

Most of the filters today need to be changed every 3 months. But, there are also some filters which can also be changed less than three months. This still depends on other lifestyle factors. Regardless of the filters frequency, you need to spare time and effort on checking your filter once a month. This is for you to determine the condition.

Factors to Consider

If you plan to change your furnace filters on a frequent basis, you need to consider several things. One of these things is on kind of filter that you use. If you are making use of high quality filter such as standard fiberglass kind of filter that cannot be exposed to dirt and other unwanted items in the air, then you can be assured that it may take you few months before you change it.  If you make use of a washable filter, you need to clean and change it once a month.

Do you have your pets at home? Well, pet dander can also be an important factor for you to consider changing your furnace filters. You need to change your furnace filter as often as possible since the pet dander may be the common issue as far as damages are concerned.

Why Change Your Furnace Filter as Often as Possible?

Why is it so essential to stay on top of changing your furnace filter as often as possible? This serves as a big factor in the quality of the indoor air and the operation of the furnace system. As the furnace filter collects various kinds of airborne debris, it now starts to clog up. After a few second, the build-up makes it difficult for the air to pass through. This only means to say that the blower is already working harder. It is also taking longer to heat the areas of your home. This is also increasing the energy bills and risking burning the blower motor. PureFilters has some of the best furnace filters available so replace your filters today!!

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One of the ideal ways to determine the times you need to change your furnace filter is to check it on a regular basis. If you want to maintain its proper functioning and condition it as well,  spare some time to check it on a regular basis. This is to determine its actual condition as early as possible.

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